Creative Mobile is an independent game developer and publisher based in Northern Europe. Founded in 2010, the company has quickly evolved into a leading game studio, consistently topping Android and iOS game charts. We are best known for the Drag Racing series, which defined a new genre of mobile games and became one of the most downloaded franchises of all time with more than 350 million lifetime installs.


We are a team of over 100 like-minded people based in Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Oxford. We are united by our passion for games, but also our desire to succeed and keep raising the bar. From our humble beginnings at the dawn of mobile gaming, to serving more than 300 million players, we are always challenging ourselves to exceed expectations.


It takes a great team to build a great game, and we work hard to be the best team out there. Our mission is to be a dynamic environment where talented people create groundbreaking games, benefitting from collaboration, transparency, access to information and a no-nonsense approach.

We are open-minded and supportive, but also competitive and ruthless. Building great products is incredibly hard, and a team is only as good as their next game. We have been blessed with an opportunity to serve millions of players, and it is our duty to do our absolute best. We don’t hire people to do “jobs”; we are looking for people who will delight and excite our fans.

If you share our philosophy, want to make a difference, and have the talent and motivation that it takes, check out the Careers section and get in touch.


Nothing motivates us more than stories of players having fun, learning something, or finding new friends – and even love – by playing our games. We have always focused on serving the players rather than critics.

As avid gamers, we often have strong opinions on how things should work. This is why we encourage open conversation and talk directly to the players in the app store comments, social networks or within games themselves. Everyone on the team is a “customer support specialist”, so if you’re a part of the community, never hesitate to reach out to anyone and suggest, question, challenge, and discuss whatever bothers you.


The star was born on Friday 13th. It was and still is one hell of a journey, but we couldn’t be luckier.


Drag Racing was released and won not only our hearts but the love of millions of players, making it a number one hit in the Racing category.


Following the success of Drag Racing with its 50 million downloads, Creative Mobile was honored with the title of the best startup of the year.


Growing in numbers and human resources, we managed to become the top IT company of the year. Instead of bathing in praise, Creative Mobile went on to host its first Game Dev Days conference.


It is every developer’s dream to have their own booth at Gamescom. This way one more thing was ticked off our bucket list.


Nitro Nation celebrated its first birthday with 5,000,000 downloads. We did not let ourselves get starstruck and founded IGDA Estonia, an association of Estonian game developers.


Our first VR project Into the Radius saw the light on Steam. Also, the cutest game Cats & Magic: Dream Kingdom was released globally.